Cover Letters

Most job applications will require you to submit a cover letter. Here’s what you need to consider!

A cover letter is a method for introducing yourself to your interviewer(s) or to the hiring organization. It is an opportunity to explain why you are interested in the job and why you would be a great candidate, as well as to showcase your own voice and personality- all of which are difficult to convey in your résumé!

Here are a few important “dos and don’ts” to get you started on writing your cover letter:

DO: Use proper letter formatting.

DO: Research! Who will be reading your letter? Make sure your letter is addressed to the correct person. Oftentimes, this is the hiring manager.

DO: Keep the letter short: a maximum of one single-sided page.

DO: Explain why you would be a great candidate for the job.

DO: Personalize the letter for every job application. Hiring teams know when you have sent them a generic letter!

DO: Have someone proofread your cover letter to check the spelling and grammar.

DON’T: Re-list everything from your résumé. Instead, choose a couple experiences or skills to highlight, and add details about why they are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

DON’T: Only explain why the job would be good for you! The hiring team wants to know why you would be good for their organization.

Having trouble getting started? Check out some examples of cover letters HERE (from Live Career), or check out some further advice HERE (from the Victoria, AUS government).

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