Finding Funding in your Community

There are many resources you can find right in your own community. Here’s some options to start with!

At your current school:

If you’re in high school you can talk to a Guidance Counsellor, a Peer-Mentor, or a teacher.

Questions to ask about your school search:

  • When should I begin looking into schools for post-secondary?
  • What should I look for when visiting campuses?
  • Are they any upcoming college/university fairs in our area?
  • Which schools are well knows for (program/career you’re interested in) ?
  • What schools are close to where I live?

Questions to ask about funding:

  • What options do I have?
  • How do I apply for financial aid?
  • How does my family’s income affect my financial aid and scholarship opportunities?
  • Which scholarships am I eligible for from (current high school) ?
  • Do you know of any other scholarships that I am eligible for?
  • What type of aid does the school I’m interested in provide?
  • How often should I check in with you?
  • Could you (or a teacher) please write me a reference letter for my scholarship application?

Please note:  if you are in high school, you can still reach out the school you hope to attend and ask to speak with someone in the Financial Aid Office for assistance.

If you’re already enrolled at a post-secondary institution you can talk to the Financial Aid Officer, Guidance Counsellor, Peer-Mentor, Professor or teacher.

Questions to ask about funding:

  • Is there additional financial aid available?
  • What additional internal bursaries am I eligible for?
  • What happens if my financial circumstances change while I’m at school?
  • What important submission deadlines should I be remembering?
  • Does the school have a work-study program?
  • Does the school offer different tuition payment plans?

Please note: Most schools have an internal database with bursaries and scholarships only available to their students. A Guidance Counsellor, Financial Aid Office or a student portal are often the only way to access those resources, so you need to ASK ASK ASK!

At other companies & businesses:

There may be businesses in your community that offer scholarships.  An easy way to check is a quick internet search.  Simply search “(Company’s name) + scholarship”, and if their website says anything about a scholarship or bursary, give them a call to ask about it further.

Another great option is to reach out to community organizations – the legion, sports teams, religious groups, youth groups and anything else you or a family member are a part of.  There just might be something these organizations do to help youth in their communities access funding for school.

Here are some tips or examples of how to inquire about bursaries when calling companies or organizations:

Always introduce yourself first.

If you know they offer a bursary or saw it online you can say – “I saw that you offer a scholarship/bursary and I am wondering if I could please have some more information.”

If you are not sure if they provide a bursary or not, try one of these – “I was wondering if (insert Company/Organization name) provides a scholarship or bursary to low-income youth?”   OR  “I was wondering if your organization has a scholarship or bursary program, and if so, where can I access it?”

If you have questions, you can reach out to us at, we’re happy to help!

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