What learning style are you?

Knowing what type of learner you are can set you up for success at school.

Everyone learns differently.  That’s a fact.  What works for some people, doesn’t work at all for others.  This is called ‘learning styles’ or ‘learning preferences’.  There are four main categories of learning styles and although we often use any combination of them, there is usually one style that we gravitate to the most.  Let’s go through the learning styles to see what one fits you best.

The Visual Learner

A visual learner likes to see and observe things.  This includes information presented in diagrams, pictures, graphs and flow charts.  A person who learns through sight understands and retains content when it’s presented in a visual manner.  Often these types of learners are people who doodle, make lists or take notes.  Visual learners sometimes need more time to process material because they are taking in the visual cues of what is being presented to them.

The Auditory Learner

An auditory learner is someone who prefers to listen or hear content or information, rather than read it.  For example, listening to a lecture or presentation instead of reading an article on the topic.  A person who learns best through listening is often very good at verbally explaining things, and uses their own voice to reinforce concepts, and tends to read out loud to themselves.  They like to talk things through, and will sometimes sort ideas out by talking about it first, rather than sorting out their ideas, and then speaking.

The Kinesthetic Learner

A kinesthetic learner learns by doing.  They want to experience the content, and like to get involved by using their hands and body to understand concepts as well as trial and error.  A person who is a kinesthetic learner often struggles to sit still for lengths of time and often excels in sports or dance.  This type of learner is strongly connected to reality and relates things to their experiences, and grasps concepts when they can connect it to concrete examples.

The Read/Write Learner

A read/write learner prefers to learn through written words.  They are drawn to expression through writing, reading articles or books.  A person who learns best through reading and writing is someone who often writes in a journal or likes to ‘read up on’ just about anything.  This type of learner loves words in general and uses dictionaries and thesauruses to dig in deeper to words and their meanings.

As mentioned at the beginning, there may be parts of each type of learning style that you gravitate to and that’s perfectly normal.  Knowing what you prefer, however, can give you insights on how to process information at school (and anywhere in life really).  It can also be especially helpful when studying for tests and exams – if you know how you learn best, use those techniques to study!  For study tips and tricks, be sure to check out our article “Want some studying tips?”.

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