Need help finding homework support?

We can all use a little extra help from time to time, especially when balancing projects, tests and presentations at school. 

Here are some people and places you can look to for help with homework:

Your teacher(s): book a time to meet with your teacher(s) to ask for more help.  You can say something like “I have some questions about the work we did today and the homework.  Would you be able to go through it with me?”  Your teacher may choose to work closer with you during class, over recess, or after school.  They may also have suggestions for other resources in your area that you may not know about!

Your family members:  your parent(s)/guardian(s), siblings or other family members may be able to give you pointers.  They might have a great idea to help you if you get stuck on a project or task.

Your friends/peers: doing homework or projects with your peers can help you understand the information better and get group projects done on time.

A tutor:  a tutor can help explain topics and subjects in a way that makes more sense to you.  Some communities offer free tutoring in person, over the phone or online.

A homework club: check with the school office to see if your school has a homework club.  These clubs usually take place after school and allow you to get support from a teacher.

The library: if you live near a public library, check their website for information on tutor drop-in hours or other homework programs.  The librarian will also be happy to help you find materials or resources you need.  TIP: the library is also the perfect place to do your homework done since it’s a quiet and calm space.

A learning centre: some communities have free study/learning cetnres for young people to get help.  The programs are offered in person or sometimes virtually and are often run by a group of volunteers.

The Internet: using a search engine like Google, you can look up homework help resources in your area or province.  Your province may have online, phone or texting programs available.

Kids Help Phone: if you need support finding homework help resources, you can always call a Kids Help Phone counsellor at 1-800-668-6868.

Remember, asking for help with homework is normal and ok!  In the end it will help you learn and understand your schoolwork more.

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