Tim Horton Children’s Camp

Welcome to Atlantic Canada!

The Tim Horton Children’s Camp is the perfect example of east coast living.  Located on the shores of the Northumberland Strait, in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia, campers get the chance to experience Maritime heritage during their stay at camp. The ocean waterfront is great for swimming, and learning to kayak!

Campers have the opportunity to cheer each other on while trying out the climbing wall and the low ropes challenge course with their cabin group.  Campers can play indoor and outdoor sports, go biking, practice their archery skills and get creative in the arts and crafts centre.  Campers will also learn about the environment, ecosystems, food production and sustainability while they’re introduced to beekeeping.

As part of the Summer Program, campers take part in wilderness trips of varying length of days, depending on your level.  Your trip will include hiking to an overnight site with your cabin group and learning new skills or putting old ones to the test!

To connect with the Tim Horton Children’s Camp give them a shout at 855-657-2359, or send a note to them at tatamagouche@thcfcom .

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