Tim Horton Camp Whiteshell

Welcome to the wilderness!

Located on the shores of Sylvia Lake within the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba, Tim Horton Camp Whiteshell is the newest of our seven camps. Opened in 2015, the camp is a beautiful piece of property that connects campers to rugged wilderness that Manitoba is known for.

The sandy beach waterfront is a great spot for swimming and learning canoeing skills for their wilderness adventure later in the session.  There is a large sports field for camp-wide games, as well as a basketball court.  For campers hoping to express their creative side, there is a yurt specifically set up as a Creative Arts Centre.  Feeling more like making music?  Then the music program is right up your alley.

As part of the Summer Program experience, campers take part in wilderness trips of varying length of days, depending on your level.  Your trip will include hiking and canoeing with your cabin group and learning new skills or putting old ones to the test!

To connect with the Tim Horton Camp Whiteshell give them a shout at 844-223-1899, or send a note to them at whiteshell@thcf.com.

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