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Read on for information on how to navigate the Camp Connect community platform!

The Camp Connect community is your place to get together with Tims campers across Canada and the US.  There is lots to learn about this digital community so we’re going to use this space to tour you around the different aspects of Camp Connect.

Let’s start with your profile!

Completing your profile is a great way for us and other campers to get to know you a little bit. You can do this by clicking on the circle in the upper right corner.  From there, click ‘profile’ and you will be taken to a new screen where you can click ‘edit profile’.  You can go ahead and upload your profile and banner pictures from this screen as well as fill out the ‘about me’ section.  Once you have done all three sections, click ‘save’.

Note: if you chose not to fill out the ‘about me’ section but you added photos, your photos will have already automatically uploaded and you will just need to click ‘cancel’ to exit the ‘edit profile’ screen.

Screenshot of mobile view of Camp Connect
Mobile view of where to click to find your Profile.
Mobile view of drop down menu and where to click profile.
Screenshot of where to edit profile
Mobile view of where to go to edit your profile.

From here let’s talk about account settings and notifications!

To start, click your photo in the circle in the upper right corner.  From the dropdown menu select ‘account settings’.  In this area you’ll be able to update things like your email address, what language you want buttons and headlines to be displayed in, as well as update your password if you wanted to!

Note:  if you update your email address in Camp Connect and it is the email you prefer to use to get information from Tims Camps, our Registration & Travel team would love to know that! Please let them know what your preferred email is by emailing, then we will be able to keep all our records the same!

Also in this area, under the tab ’email & notifications’ you can update what kinds of notifications you want to receive from activity on Camp Connect.  Do you want all the notifications?? None of them?? or somewhere in between?  It’s your choice!

Screenshot of where to find account settings
Mobile view of drop down menu to find your account settings.
Screenshot of account settings
Mobile view of your account settings.
Screenshot of notification settings
Mobile view of your email notifications.

Let’s head to the main feed and learn about your groups!

This is where the fun happens! On your main feed you will see posts from the groups you are a part of.  Every camper is a part of at least two groups:

If you’re an English camper, you’re automatically a part of “The Hub” and your level group.  If you’re a French camper, you’re automatically part of “Le carrefour” and your level group.  Note that if you’d like to be a member in BOTH “The Hub” and “Le carrefour” you can simply request to join.  Just keep in mind that conversations in “The Hub” will be mostly in English, and conversations in “Le carrefour” will mostly be in French!

Let us take a minute here to explain the level groups. These groups consist of campers specifically in your level of the program.  We have named these groups by the actual level names (not numbers) – which to be honest, not a lot of campers are aware of!  So let us fill you in:

Ignite = Level 1

Explore = Level 2

Strive = Level 3

Quest = Level 4

Navigate = Level 5

Posts and activities in level groups will be geared towards that stage of the program and age of campers in that level.

To find your groups, it depends on what you are using to access Camp Connect:

  • If you are on a laptop or desktop computer, your groups will show along the left side of the screen.  You can also look at all groups from this left menu too. 
  • If you are on a phone, you will find your groups through the main menu at the top right corner, and then by clicking ‘groups’ in the menu.
Screenshot of desktop view of Groups
Desktop view of where to find your groups and all groups.
Screenshot of where to find the mobile menu
Mobile view of menu at top right corner.
Screenshot of mobile menu
Mobile view of menu open, and groups button.

Screenshot of Groups page
Mobile view of when on the groups page.

So how do YOU post? 

At the very top of your feed is the space where you can do a post, ask a question (or do a Poll), or start a discussion.  In order to post any of these, you must first pick which group you want to post to.  So if you have a question for campers in your level – you’d choose to post it to your level group!  If you want to share a photo of your latest art creation to everyone, you’d choose “The Hub” or “Le carrefour”!

Mobile view of where to do your posts.

Now for the newest feature to Camp Connect – Camp Connect Rewards!

We think this is going to be awesome and we’re excited to have Camp Connect Rewards as part of your digital experience.  As you participate in Camp Connect you will earn experience points (XP) and as your XP grows you will move up tiers.  At each tier you will receive CC Coins that can be used to purchase items in our Camp Connect Store.  We have a full article on how Camp Connect Rewards work – you can find it here.  Be sure to check it out and get earning your XP…there’s some really great things in the Camp Connect Store!

The last thing to cover is our menu!

Camp Connect is connected (pun totally intended) to our resource area – The Compass.  Together, Camp Connect and The Compass are considered our Camper Portal.   We have created a menu that allows campers to move between both of these spaces seamlessly!  If at any time you want to check out our Compass Blog, or the newly created Camper Toolbox, you can do so through the menu at the top of each of these spaces.

Mobile view of where to click for the menu.
Mobile view of our custom menu to move between both The Compass and Camp Connect.
Mobile view of where to click for the menu in The Compass.

If you have more questions about Camp Connect, you could ask a question directly on your feed (our Tims Camps staff will respond!), or you can reach out to for support!  We’re happy to help!

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