Camp Connect Rewards

Turn your participation on Camp Connect into prizes with Camp Connect Rewards!

What is Camp Connect Rewards?

As you interact and use Camp Connect you earn experience points, called XP.  As your XP accumulates you have the opportunity to move through five tiers.  How slow or quickly you move through the tiers is dependent on your participation and engagement on Camp Connect.  As you move through each tier you will be awarded CC Coins which can be redeemed in the Camp Connect Store for items and experiences.

The chart below outlines how to move through the five tiers and what amount of coins will be deposited into your profile.

XPTierCC Coins
1 – 5,0001n/a
5,001 – 26,0002200
26,001 – 51,0003300
51,001 – 100,0004400

Once you move past the first tier after gaining 5001 XP you will be awarded your first set of Camp Connect Coins.

You can see how much XP you have, what tier you are in, and how many Camp Connect Coins you have by going to your profile. See photos below for guidance.

Mobile view of XP, Tier and Coins in Profile.
Desktop view of XP, Tier and Coins in Profile.


Like in many popular video games, Camp Connect Rewards has seasons.  These seasons are sections of time throughout the year that you can accumulate your XP through participation on Camp Connect.

Does my XP expire?

Your XP will reset at the beginning of a new Camp Connect Rewards season. You will then be back at 0 XP and will be able to rebuild your XP and move through the tiers again, all while earning more Camp Connect Coins.

What do I do with my Camp Connect Coins?

Your Camp Connect Coins can be redeemed for items in the Camp Connect Store. Simply click the box that says “redeem” in the gift you’d like to use your coins for.  Please note: you need to have enough coins available in your account for the item your are redeeming.  For example, if you are redeeming something for 300 coins, you must make sure you have at least 300 coins in your account or you won’t be able to redeem that item.

Once you have chosen the item you’d like and clicked redeem, a notification will be sent to a member of our Tims Camps staff team.  You will hear back from them within 2-5 business days about the next steps.

Receiving your items:

If you have chosen a digital item to redeem, you will receive that item within one week of redemption.  Your digital prize will be sent by email.

If you have chosen a tangible item from the Camp Connect Store we have a different process that we need to follow. Our staff will be keeping track of all campers’ redemptions and will be working with a company called Entripy to get your items out to you.  We will be submitting orders to Entripy at the end of each season and will let you know by email when your item(s) have been submitted to Entripy.  Entripy will then take care of preparing your item and shipping it out to you!

If you have more questions about any part of Camp Connect Rewards, please feel free to reach out to

Camp Connect Coins Disclaimer:

If it should occur that you receive extra Camp Connect Coins due to a system error, Tims Camps reserves the right to remove the extra coins as needed. In addition, if extra Camp Connect Coins are given to a camper due to their intentional misuse of the Camp Connect Rewards system, we reserve the right to remove the extra coins as needed.

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